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Ukraine, Carpathian district,
settlement Polyana,
31 Shevchenko street

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New cosy hotel - tourist complex "KARINA" is located in picturesque, non-polluting area of Carpathians, in settlement Polyana. Glory about curative mineral waters and beauty of its place is known in Ukraine and abroad. Surrounded by the green sea of woods and Carpathian mountains, this really heavenly place is capable to provide to you the rest which will allow to forget about dusty cities, noisy transport and monotonous working everyday life. You can just forget about everything and relax, having plunged in beauty and originality of Carpathian mountains.
All complex consists of separate wooden cottages constructed from bars. Uniqueness of such structures is that, keeping unique local colour and an atmosphere, they have also a number of useful and curative properties. There is a constant air exchange inside wood at a cellular level, due to this property in wooden houses the constant oxygen balance and optimum humidity of air is supported. In such house you will feel maximum comfortably at any time of year, because in winter timbered walls accumulate heat, and in the summer cool, creating general climatic conditions all over the room. Pitches of tree smereka from which houses are constructed, contribute to general improvement of an organism, giving invigorating aroma which improves dream and lungs work, normalizes arterial pressure, raises capacity for work.
Presence of a natural tree in all interior of a house creates an atmosphere of real rest which you can feel sitting in a living room, which accepts all shades of amber depending on illumination, you can fall asleep in the bedroom where each centimeter of a wall and a ceiling radiates easy aroma and warm, you can sit on a terrace, leaning against a wooden wall, enjoying silence and singing of birds.
In territory of a complex there is a hunting small house, in which you can relax after active rest, have a tasty meal and have good timein the friendly company. Our cooks will suggest you to try fresh fish soup or a kebab from the game, the baked trout or pancakes with the Carpathians mushrooms, and and also many dishes and drinks of national cuisine.
You can feel all beauty during excursions around Carpathians historical places and natural corners of this region. Thermal sources, a waterfall "Shipot", mountain lake "Sinevir" - not is not a full list of beauty of this unique region. Also you can visit: wine cellars, with an opportunity of tasting local wine; live farming where trout, wild boars, deer and even ostriches are bred.
In winter "Polyana" turns to paradise as for the professional mountain skiers as well as people which prefer active winter rest. The lifts located in sanatoria, will deliver you to mountain-skiing descents of any level of complexity.
And certainly, speaking about "Polyana" it is necessary to mention its curative mineral waters.Rich spectrum of different substances is concentrated In this natural product, that Polyana Kvasova, Polyana Kupel can be supposed without exaggeration the curative balm prepared in bowels of the Earth of the nature. Water influences well various systems of a human organism. But it is the most useful thing for maintenance and treatment of digestive and endocrine systems of an organism.
The resort "Polyana" is the place where you can combine useful rest with pleasure.
Our team will be always glad to your visiting. We will do our best that you have a perfect rest having estimated all beauty, colour and originality of Carpathians.
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The beginning of summer season, welcome to our resort
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